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Asheville, NC bride lounging on couch.
Asheville wedding couple kissing on a yellow car.
WNC wedding couple lounging on white linen bed


Stephanie is a warm, friendly, and easy-going photographer near Asheville in Burnsville, NC, who is prepared for anything you throw at her (and will love it!). She started out shooting landscapes, because, well, there's just something so romantic about these hills. She got caught up in the romance and started photographing love! There's something so special, so personal and intimate about capturing two people in love. It's an addiction she doesn't think she'll ever be able to kick. 

When the memory flees, the photos remain! Stephanie ensures that the photos will match the feelings and experience by connecting with her clients, easing tension, and becoming an ally throughout your big day. Book Stephanie to photograph the romance and magical moments of your nuptials. 

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