Ways to Increase Guest Comfort at Your Mountain Wedding NC

Outdoor weddings, overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains are unique, romantic and truly wonderful! While the backdrop is sure to be stunning, you might be concerned about how to keep your guest comfortable throughout the day while celebrating outside.  We work with many Asheville wedding professionals that are experienced with mountain weddings in Western North Carolina. Read on for all of our tips to make your Asheville mountain wedding fun and comfortable for everyone.


Regulate temperatures

Depending on the time of year, the weather in the mountains surrounding Asheville can range from 30 degrees to 85 degrees. In the summer months, provide shade for your guests—umbrellas, canopies or situate your ceremony in such a way that takes advantage of shade provided by trees or other natural surroundings. For a fall mountain wedding, drape blankets on each chair during the ceremony to keep your guests cozy. You could also provide a hot coffee and tea station to really warm them up!


Providing cold drinks such as water and iced tea is a great addition to any outdoor mountain wedding. Make drinks easily accessible so guests can help themselves and feel comfortable doing so. Ask your mountain wedding venue NC if they are able to accommodate water stations and how you can decorate them to match the style of your event.


Keep away the bugs

Along with all the beauty of nature and picturesque mountain views, comes bugs and insects. Talk to your wedding venue about natural ways to spray the surrounding area before your event. You can also buy bug repellent and citronella candles at your local hardware store to have available during your outdoor mountain wedding in Asheville NC. This detail will really improve the overall comfort of your guests as they spend the day celebrating with you.


Create a smooth path 

Mountain weddings often include walking in grass, over rocks and other uneven surfaces.  Ensure there is a somewhat smooth path that your guests can use to make getting to your event as easy as possible. You could also warn your guests beforehand and tell them not to wear their most expensive shoes! Most mountain wedding venues NC are highly accessible for everyone, but it’s best to double check and be aware of any areas that need attention. 

Provide necessities

Add a small basket to each restroom filled with necessities such as moist towels, band-aids, floss, lotion, Advil, Tide sticks and other essentials. Shop the travel-sized aisle for all the products to make your guests feel welcome! This thoughtful detail will be appreciated by your guests and help them to look and feel their best.


Mountain wedding venues NC

With some of the best wedding venues in Western NC, Asheville is a perfect place to have your mountain wedding! Many of our wedding partners have experience with outdoor mountain weddings and are here to help you turn your dream into a reality.


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