Your big day has arrived and all the “i’s” are dotted and every “t” crossed

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Your big day has arrived and all the “i’s” are dotted and every “t” crossed. In other words, you’re just waiting for the bells to ring. Then why is there a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach, like you’ve forgotten something?

First things first, don’t get all worked up if there are hiccups on the best day of your life. Being realistic in your expectations is of the utmost importance. Knowing that flower girls and ring bearers are among the most unpredictable of species will give you peace before Canon in D begins to play. Magenta peonies arrive instead of baby pink cabbage roses and mascara runs. Knowing these things ahead of time will certainly help your mood on the big day. Wedding planning mistakes come with major headaches, financial groanings, and sometimes great distress. Here are a few of the most common mistakes and how to avoid them, or at least make the best of unfortunate circumstances. 1. Money cannot buy happiness! Keep in mind that references from friends are usually tried and true. Don’t try to secure the high-end caterer, just because you can. Use that extra money to buy an extra excursion on your cruise, upgrade your rental car or (gasp) put it into savings for an amazing first-anniversary trip! Don’t blow cash that you don’t have to. 2. Benjamin Franklin said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” Make a plan and stick with it! Have a back-up plan and know where you can afford wiggle room, but know the things you can’t (and wont) budge on. 3. Give friends and family clear expectations of what you need them to do. If you’re an only child or maybe your parents eloped, your mother may not know what a MOB does. Is your fiancé’s 19-year-old sister your MOH? She won’t have a clue about securing a limo or planning a bachelorette party. Pair people up, give them non-traditional duties or otherwise help them do what you need them to do. Doing so with love will help them feel appreciated and integral to the big day! 4. Confirm the amount of food you’ll need. Hungry guests are no fun and make for awkward stories around the water cooler and Christmas tree. Also, keep in mind the preferences of your guests, regarding vegan or vegetarian options. 5. Eat at the reception. The number one thing brides and grooms say that they regret is that they didn’t take time to savor all the delicious foods that they spent so much time selecting the menu. 6. Enjoy the day. Get a good night’s sleep, wake up leisurely, eat a nice breakfast, and make beautiful memories, every step along the way. This is the day you have dreamed of, so don’t shortchange yourself by rushing through the motions. Happily ever after is waiting ahead. Roll with the punches and make memories!