Time to find the perfect wedding venue for your Asheville wedding.

Well, the question has finally been popped and it was better than you could have imagined! The status has been updated on all the social media sites and it’s starting to sink in. Now what? Of course, it’s time to scour the sites for the perfect dress, shoes, cake, playlist and venue. Wait. Venue? You didn’t “pin” anything about a venue.

There are many factors that come into play and it’s easy to become overwhelmed!  What time of year do you plan on getting hitched? How many guests? What style; traditional or modern? Religious? Cultural? Grand? Rustic? Indoor? Outdoor?

The first decision you and your fiancé will need to make is to choose a date, or at the very least a month. Paid time off, vacations, and other varied commitments certainly come into play, so nailing down a date, even if loosely, is an important place to start. You wouldn’t want an outdoor wedding in January in Michigan, would you?

(Another crucial bit you’ll need to nail down is budget, but that’s a subject in and of itself, entirely! However, money is quite a large factor in this process, so don’t neglect discussing it!)

Next, the size of your gathering needs to be considered. Western North Carolina is a hot spot for tying knots of all sizes!  There are numerous sites for intimate weddings of less than 100 and there are an abundance of venues in Asheville, which are sublime and perfect for larger gatherings. It’s completely up to you, but you’ll have to decide.

The final thing, but probably one you are most prepared for, is to determine the style of your shindig.  Your style is the crux of your special day. It is the thing that will resonate with your guests and become the dreams of the little girls that you invite. The style of your wedding is the number one most difficult aspect to nail down when seeking a venue.

Asheville has grand cathedrals and quaint farms, all of which are at your disposal. Just say “when”!