Cake Tasting…and Choosing!

How to: Cake Tasting…and Choosing! It’s getting real! The date is set and the venue has been booked. Cake tastings are next on the agenda. This part of wedding planning can really be a blast! Be sure you book several of these opportunities, so you and your groom can enjoy! Cake tastings need to be approached with a loose idea of what both the bride and groom like in a cake. Also, you need to be open to different options such as cupcakes, hand-pies, or even a s’mores bar! Asheville has a plethora of artistic and talented pastry chefs and bakers. Choose 3 or 4 and have fun! Even local grocery stores offer cake tastings, so keep your mind open because you might just be surprised! Depending on your chosen date, different options may be more fitting. Imagine the thrill of your guests as they roast marshmallows over an open fire; the crunch of fallen leaves underfoot. Fall in Asheville is unmatched and a wedding among these mountains will be defined by a wedding treat unlike any other! (Plus, mother nature takes care of the scenery for free and you’ll be way under budget if you choose S’mores!) If a Patriotic celebration is what you have in mind, how adorable would hand-pies be? It’s as American as apple pie! Choose a few for variety and every guest will be pleased as punch, especially as they wave the sparklers in the air during your beautiful departure! Cupcakes fit every sized event and they open up plenty of options, since they are typically sold by the dozen! Red velvet, double chocolate, strawberry, lemon or standard almond deliciousness; the possibilities are limitless. No one will leave your shin-dig disappointed! Whatever tasty treats you decide to serve your guests, keep in mind that it’s your big day! Your groom’s and your tastes should be center stage! Take a deep breathe, you’re almost there!